Babelfish by Microgaming will change ipoker forever

Babelfish by Microgaming will change ipoker forever

The famous manufacturer of gambling software Microgaming appeared again in the gambling headlines after it presented a quite new brand technology to make online poker more customizable. The name to this technology was given after the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ s wild translation fish ‘Babelfish’. This new API is really striking.

The creators of Bebelfish offered the online operators quite new poker client software with the MPN. The online poker providers received an opportunity to customize their software to quite a new stage. “Babelfish will surely change poker forever,” commented Alex Scout, the head of poker at Microgaming.

“And this process will occur without the interference of not so cheap hosting costs, creating new server software, using random number generators,” he admitted.

The same as the Babelfish, gambling providers are now able to provide the gamblers with any online poker games in any programming language, and with the application programming interface to join the MPN’s liquidity pool to get an access for their clients to all the games and online tournaments present on the Internet.

Babelfish is customized so that the igaming operators can use it for concrete audience. Online platforms, mobile gadgets, smartwatches and smart TVs, game consoles are quite suitable to be used for Babelfish.

The first to try using this new Microgaming’s technology (check Microgaming’s Hot Ink slot) intends to be the famous ipoker provider and it is going to fulfill it as soon as possible. But according to the words of Alex Scout, the year 2015 will be rich in pleasant surprises prepared by the company. Their goal is to take a leading position in this branch and Babelfish is just the first bonus.”

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