Betting shops predominated in the gambling industry?

Betting shops predominated in the gambling industry?

The possessor of the largest British casinos has assaulted the betting shops for ‘destroying the high street’ and revealed his intention to apply pressure on the legislature to take steps as to rather controversial overbalance that betting machines have.

$45 million was the cost of the London Hippodrome’s restoration in Leicester Square that Simon Thomas paid. So he said, “Gambling is that sphere of business that is regulated most severely and taxed the greatest, but at the same time it gives the biggest stakes and wins, which is especially true about casinos. But now betting shops have appeared in more favorable conditions with the quickest and largest stakes and only one member of the staff.”

“No one in Europe allows these stake machines on the high street and the majority of countries even passed the ban on them, as they are the reason of many spoilt lives. British authorities need to become stricter with the existing situation.”

3,000 stake machines with £5 as the highest stake are waiting for players in casinos, while betting shops are ready to provide their players with 33, 000 machines and £100 as the top bet. Don’t you think that this gives really grounded fears as to the harmful influence of gambling? But Bookmakers close their eyes and don’t see any relation.

A spokesman of the industry said that casinos can also serve alcohol to the players, while betting shops don’t have such a possibility.

Dan Waugh, the representative of Regulus Partners gaming consultancy, explained, “Several years ago all people worried only about the rise of the casinos, paying no attention to other gambling institutions.”

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