Celebrities spotted in casinos

Celebrities spotted in casinos

Many well-known actors, directors, models, musicians and other stars are frequent guests of luxury casinos. They are like millions of other people who prefer to spend their leisure time at the table, because they believe that the casino is the best place for relaxation and entertainment. Some celebrities even become professionals in gambling and take part in tournaments where they often win prizes, playing with hundreds of experienced rivals.

And gambling is popular not only with modern stars. A little more than half a century ago at the tables of elite casinos in Las Vegas you could easily see Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. Marilyn loved to relax with a game of blackjack. There are rumors that she was seen at the tables even a few days before her death. Sinatra, in turn, due to his love for gambling became the co-owner of a large casino in Las Vegas. Marlene Dietrich, King Edward VIII and Churchill never missed an opportunity to take part in gambling and regularly spent their leisure time in the gambling establishments.

We can talk long about the reckless enthusiasm of the past years celebrities, but today we will talk about “our” stars who do not only appear on the television screens, but also appear in the list of gambling winners.

Ben Affleck

This famous Hollywood actor and director is a professional gambler. In 2001 he won $ 800,000 in blackjack. Then the actor was so happy and drunk that he had left more than $ 150,000 as tips to the dealer. In 2004 Ben won $ 356.000 in California Poker Championship beating 90 participants, among whom were such professionals as Stan Goldstein, Chuck Pacheco and the actor Tobey Maguire.

Tobey Maguire

Although Toby was defeated by Ben Affleck in 2004, he is perfectly adept at the game of Texas Hold’em and Omaha. In the autumn of the same year he won the tournament which was held by the Casino Hollywood Park, and in 2011 won in the poker with the famous investor Brad Ruderman more than $ 300,000, for which he was charged with fraud. Of course, it turned out that Ruderman was guilty, who subsequently stranded in the prison, but because of this winning the actor had to spend a substantial amount of money on litigation.

Matt Damon

Ben Affleck’s best friend also knows a lot about gambling entertainment. During the filming about poker “Schuler” he and Edward Norton were trained by a legendary player Johnny Chan. Today Matt appears regularly in Las Vegas casinos in the company of George Clooney, and wins very often.

Paris Hilton

This scandalous celebrity is not a professional player, but she deserves a place in this list as she regularly attends elite casinos in many cities and countries around the world. The lady loves Las Vegas and gambling very much, which has been repeatedly mentioned in the twitter. Even during the celebration of her last birthday in Las Vegas Paris accidentally won $ 30,000.

Brad Pitt

This Hollywood actor has invested more than three million dollars in the development of the entertainment complex Vegas Casino Complex. Brad is a close friend with George Clooney, who often appears in gambling clubs of “Sin City.” During the famous movie “Ocean’s 11”, he was so inspired by different kinds of games of chance that did not miss the opportunity to play the slot machines or cards even between the shots. The above movie is one of the best films about gambling games.

George Clooney

The actor has friends among many celebrities that are fond of gambling and he regularly sits at the table. Clooney is seriously interested in gambling after a series of films about “Ocean’s friends” and even tried to open a casino. In 2005 the actor has invested in the construction of a hotel and casino “Las Ramblas” in Las Vegas, which is estimated at three billion dollars. His project, unfortunately, was not realized, but judging by the pictures of the paparazzi, the actor constantly spends his vacations in Las Vegas. Also, not so long ago there was a bank robbery based on the movie “Ocean’s 11”, the main role that Clooney played.

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