Champagne Slot

Champagne Slot – Try Your Luck and Earn Big Bucks

This one is among one of the most exciting games of luck, Champagne slot from Mega Jack Company is the best way for you to have fun and earn money at the same time. The attractive interface is pleasing to the eye as it includes symbols such as fruits, tropical beaches, cocktails, currency and champagne bottles.

However, these attractions do not get your focus off the game. Gameplay is also quite simple and can easily be understood even by novices. You get to play for free, and the best thing is that you don't even have to register for it.

There are lots of unexpected turns and twists in the game that keep you hooked to it and you do not feel like quitting the game. Apart from that, you also get bonuses that help increase your level of interest and make you bet more.

Playing the Champagne Slot Game – Rules and Scoring

There is nothing much that you need to wreck you head about in terms of the rules of this entertaining game. You first choose the number of lines on which you want to place your bet; the more lines you choose the better are your chances of securing the winning combinations. You can bet on a maximum of 21 lines. This is followed by placing your bet on a number of credits that can go up to 420.

The scores are done on the basis of the symbol combos that appear on the line that you have placed your bet on. The wild reel tile in this slot game is the letter E with a crown and it can play the substitute for all symbols other than the green dollar and champagne bottle. It is best to have more wild symbols appearing on your betted line as it helps your bet in getting multiplied many times.

The green dollar is the scatter symbol, and a combo of five such symbols becomes a winning one. The champagne bottle is a special symbol, and a combination of five will give you the Champagne Party bonus. Here you choose 2 among the five bottles on the screen, and their combined value are your winnings.

To know more about the rules and payout amounts of this game, simply press the Stop button located at the bottom centre of the machine.

Additional Features of Champagne Slot – Risk Game

An exciting added feature that spices up Champagne slot is the Risk game that is available. Play the slot in a free and easy way and quit it anytime to claim your previous winnings. The player's card must be of higher value than the dealer's card in order to win this game.

Give this incredible game of luck a shot today and you may just win big!

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  • Johnnie Lyons
    The slot machine Champagne will allow you to play online without risking real money. It has become a favorite game for the majority of gambling people and me too, not only because of the bright, unrestrained emotions that it gives. Another secret lies in its simple use, because even a beginner can try his luck on it.
  • Ruben Wheeler
    The developers of the Champagne slot machine offer as much as 3 bonus games! With the help of a red “E” that stands for the Wild symbol can be replaced by any other images, it will make your winning more likely. Getting from 3 to 5 Dollar symbols, you get a chance to play a safe game with 15 free spins. A fabulous bonus «Party Bonus» allows you to open a bottle of champagne, and find in them either empty or full of great amounts of credits!
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