Columbus Deluxe

Columbus Deluxe Slot

Discovering new land was the dream of many sailors back in the day, and everyone was out on the lookout for new pieces of land to claim and explore, even if that would mean to end or enslave the natives in the process.

The discovery of this game, however, is far less painful and way more enjoyable, as you will see once you start playing.

Appreciate the Old Discoveries: Play the Columbus Deluxe Slot Machine!

There’s a way you can thank the discoverers of old by finding out the world wasn’t just what they knew, and the way to do that is by playing the Columbus Deluxe Slot game – a profitable way to thank them indeed!

The game made sure you would stay immersed under the theme of the old discoveries as its artwork and its sounds are highly reminiscent of that time period and of the setting (sailors, the high seas and spotting new land).

There are a lot of symbols to match, including the traditional poker tiles and the scatter and wild reels everyone is always on the hunt for.

When you match the wild tiles you get a lot of coins, but these can also stand for other tiles to help you finish combinations you wouldn’t make otherwise.

The scatter tiles are pretty magical as not only do they provide you with free-spins they also give you the opportunity to re-trigger them once you are win, so you can keep on playing for free as long as you can keep up getting them.

When you are under this free-spinning game mode, you’ll also get the gamble function to get a new helpful and profitable perk, and we’ll talk about it now.

Columbus Deluxe Slot: When the Basic Gamble isn’t enough!

Some slots out there have a gamble feature that allows players to play a mini-game with their payouts to try and double them. In the Columbus Deluxe Slot game you get this perk as well, but you can mix it up by playing it under the scatter’s free spins!

The game is pretty straightforward – get a payout and bet it, decide on whether the next card on a deck is red or black and if you’re right, the pay is doubled.

Of course, if you’re wrong you lose the initial payout, but during the scatter function there is also a ship card, acting as a both red and black card, so if you get it you always win – this is a great chance at some amazing payouts.

Discover a new thrill on the slot’s world!

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