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Craps game review: basics and winning chances

The history of craps is truly impressive. In fact, it is possible to trace the game back to the 11th century, as early Crusaders supposedly played a very similar game of chance. Afterwards, it was adopted by the French, and was first brought to America by French aristocracy. The title of the game is also of French origin. In French, crapaud means ‘toad’ and most likely implies the positions of gamblers crouched on the ground while playing. Today, on the contrary, most casinos urge players to remain standing while playing (unless they are crippled, of course). Yet, street craps, that was incredibly popular during the twentieth century (among soldiers in particular), preserves its ‘toady’ position.

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Naturally, like any other game of hazard, craps historically presupposed monetary bets. However, with the rise of Internet and its ubiquitous presence in our lives, the traditions have begun to transform. In particular, it is no longer necessary to go to the casino (or even outside) to play craps online – all you need now is a computer with an Internet connection. Today, gamblers can register on hundreds of gambling platforms and play practically any game they want in front of their home computers. Plus, it is not necessary to wager actual money. The World Wide Web is full of both deposit and non-deposit casinos, so it is up to you to decide whether to use your credit card or not.

Play craps online

Surely, if it is your first time in an online casino, it would be wiser to play without making a deposit. First of all, by taking things slow you will be able to get used to the atmosphere of an online gambling platform, find “your” game and bet real money later. Surely, when it comes to play craps online, your experience won’t be of much use – after all, it is a strictly chance game. Yet, on the other hand, you will be able to find a nice casino to your liking – with a flexible betting system, compensation and bonus program (yes, most casino reward gamblers that play for money – you just have to find the one that suits you best), and a simple user-friendly interface. That is what test, free playing mode is actually for.

Craps strategies and chances

As it was already mentioned, craps is strictly a game of chance, so talking about strategies is senseless. Surely, there were numerous attempts and plenty of “researches” on the subject. Yet, the validity of game strategies remains rather obscure. In particular, street craps, popular during the Second World War and played on a military blanket instead of a table, gave rise to hundreds of strategic suggestions. Given that a blanket has no rim (like a table, or at least a sidewalk), plenty of gamblers started to develop theories on the best way to throw dices. Later on, some suggestions on playing in the casinos were developed. The strategies included calculating three, sometimes five-number combinations, in order to predict the ‘outcome’ of the game.

Yet, to be completely honest, all of the so-called strategies will be of no use to you, especially if you play online. Craps, like most other hazard games, gives an advantage to the house, not the gambler. Surely, it does not mean that you cannot win. You can, but statistically speaking, the house will win more often. This, however, is not the reason not to play, especially if you are not supposed to deposit cash to your gambling account. If you are, note that bets typically start at $5.

The last word of advice – do not consider chance games as a means of winning money. Quite on the contrary, this money is the money you can afford to lose just for fun. Still, not to lose a lot, quit if you see that you’re off the lucky streak, and come back another day – this is the best strategy ever!

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