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Tropical countries, exotic animals, artifacts of long-dead civilizations and peoples. This attracts any person. But if you want to see it firsthand, you have to take an airplane and go to one of the tropical countries. Do many people have time and money for this? Igrosoft, Russia's leading manufacturer of gaming machines and software for online casinos, can provide you with the opportunity to do this instantly and for free. You just need to launch «Crazy Monkey» slot game in your browser.

Exotic islands, pristine rainforest, vast lakes and unusual animals ... But do all people have enough money to meet these natural wonders of our planet? But even if you have the required amount, you stay connected with various inconveniences: acclimatization, ticket purchase, flight and more tedious legion of reasons. The famous company Igrosoft took into account all the difficulties and helped those who want this to go to an exotic journey. To do this, you only need a computer with Internet access which allows you to enjoy such a popular game like Crazy Monkey slot.

This slot machine is a real classic of the online games. Tropical theme, where you can immerse for free and even without registration, will acquaint you with funny monkeys. Funny people will eat delicious bananas that you will certainly procure for them as a responsible gamer. Exotic symbols in the machine are: monkey, oranges, bananas and other fruits. They will directly affect the size of your winnings.

Of course, the monkey will be the most valuable picture, as it will bring luck to the users. Also, do not forget the magic mask resembling a skull. You can play Crazy Monkey slot online to multiply your bet in 5,000 times. You require very little for this! When the five main symbols lined up in a row, then the initial bet will be multiplied by 5000.

«Crazy Monkey» slots are popular in different online casinos. You can say: What is so special about the five standard reels and nine lines? We will answer: Yes, there is nothing extraordinary. Virtual machines will give you the most important thing: a sense of celebration and first-class holiday in the company of exotic friends. Even the real-life equivalents of the emulator, which is not so much today, can do so near and dear previously inaccessible areas.

Each successful combination opens up a great opportunity to the user: you can play the doubling. To increase the winnings you must open the card that will be over already open one. As we can see, the problem is elementary! But for all the ease, do not forget that the error leads to an instantaneous combustion of the bet. Therefore, we do not advise you to test your luck for a long time. But sometimes it is worth taking a chance and hitting a double-dip! Find a happy medium! When you have at least three pictures of «Crazy Monkey», then you will be taken to the bonus mode. There you will have to pull the hanging rope. If you're lucky, then you feed your monkey with bananas. But in the case of failure, the heavy object will fall on the head of the unfortunate animal. Remember aboput your responsibility to tame our little brothers! If a cheerful monkey passes all Scylla and Charybdis, then you will have the opportunity to fight for a super prize. So, go ahead and good luck will not leave you and your friends.

Symbols in the gaming machine “Crazy Monkey”

In the gaming machine “Crazy Monkey” the symbols are selected in accordance with the topic of the game, so you can meet: snakes, lions, bananas, pineapples and even butterflies which are located on the reels. Below the screen there is a small and funny monkey.

African Mask in «Crazy Monkey» acts as a Wild symbol. Monkey symbol is a bonus, but only if you have three of them, you can receive the payment or will be proposed to play a bonus game.

The bonus game in Crazy Monkey Slot

You will be thrown to a picturesque meadow. The monkey will be standing on a log and five ropes will hang above it. It will have to pull them. So, if the monkey does not have a banana but another thing, the game will be over. There is one point. If you have made a big bet, the monkey will be wearing a helmet which will increase the chances of winning.

If you are quite successful after the first round, you will be offered a second bonus game. You will need to choose one of the two plates, under one of which a prize will be hidden.

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