Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises slot

There are a lot of great pays with hefty payouts waiting to be made in this slot machine, and though we’ll explain most of them later on, we would like to tell you something you’ll appreciate, and that’s the fact that throughout the game you’ll be seeing a lot of Batman movie clips that will spice up your gaming experience.

Dark Knight Rises Slot Machine: Bruce Wayne was Rich, you can get close!

If your mouth waters every time you see a big payout and the possibility to earn great deals of cash, then you are not going to be disappointed when playing the Dark Knight Rises slot game.

You know the super hero in Gotham City was swimming in money and that is the core of all of his powers – after all, money is a great thing and a great ally for good or for worse.

Now you can grab your own chunk of the money pie by playing his slot machine since it is optimized to give you a hell of ride, great hours of fun and a good profitability rate you can even bend to your favor when using the special perks the machine has, we’ll go about the Dark Knight themed slot’s perks in the next paragraph, and you’re going to be excited about them, we guarantee it.

Play the Dark Knight Rises Slot Online: It’s fun and addicting!

You can play the Dark Knight Rises slot online and you can do so from the comfort of your couch, bed or wherever you want to do it – that’s the magic of the Internet.

When you start playing you’ll notice three distinct features, two of them you may already know from other mainstream slot machines, and that’s where we’ll start.

First of all, you got the wild reel tiles that will replace other symbols in order to raise your odds and make it easier for you to get your pay lines to give you something good. Then the other known perk is the scatter tile, which enables you to bank some spins free of charge – so you can roll the reels a few times without the need to risk your own money.

Now, the feature that you may not know about is the scramble perk which will grab all of the symbols you get on a spin and move them around in order to give you the best combinations possible.

This is quite the original perk and we’re sure you won’t see it on most of the slots out there, making this game pretty unique as you could expect from a slot with such an established theme.

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