Dolphin Cash

Dolphin Cash slot

Dolphin Cash Slot Bonus: Match Two Symbols – Control the Dolphin!

If you want to experience the best Dolphin Cash slot has to offer then you’ll have to try the bonus game, a mini-game that will get you to control the dolphin as he aims to collect the right coins for his quest or whatever it is that Dolphins do.

To trigger the bonus game, you’ll have to collect the bonus tiled reels on the first and fifth columns. Be careful as the coins are evasive, but catch the right one and you’ll be awarded with a generous payout.

This mini-game makes the bonus an extremely funny feature that adds some spice to the slot.

The Dolphin Cash Slot Coins: Catch them and Win Incredible Prizes!

When you manage to trigger the mini-game via the slot reels mentioned above, you’ll be given control of the Dolphin cash slot in order to collect coins.

If you can catch a few you’ll be left with really impressive and generous payouts – so you’ll be eagerly awaiting this situation to occur with fingers crossed.

Watching dolphins jump on zoos is fun, but watching them collect coins for your pocket is even better!

Xtra Win and Guaranteed Wilds: Cloning the Last Reel

There’s also a new feature being added by Playtech to most of its games, and it’s the feature that will have special reels cloning themselves when certain conditions are met, making it so that you have an extra win bonus or guaranteed wilds for a certain number of plays.

This keeps things interesting so that you never feel bored with their games – adding some novelty into a niche that was beginning to feel too old – you must try it!

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