Fairy Land

Fairy Land slot

The Fairy Land slot machine is an Android app casino game. The supernatural element of this game is awe-inspiring and keeps the player rapt. The main tile of this game is the Princess Frog. We all are aware of the fabled story of the beautiful Princess, who is disguised as an ugly frog. She waits for the right Prince, who would give her a passionate kiss and turn her into exquisite beauty. This will surely get you going down the memory lane. The reminiscence of the warm childhood days will overwhelm the player. Besides, the game provides five reels and nine pay lines. For each line, the bets vary from one to twenty-five. So, the total amount of bets is 225. This feature is splendid for all the casino players out there. Fairy Land also has the provision of doubling the total earnings, which is like a cherry on the cake.

Fairy Land slot will keep you engrossed with its bonus features

The Fairy Land slot machine has exciting bonus features that will help you win loads. Vegas-five-reel style is depicted in this game. When three symbols of the frog are collected, the purse is upgraded and increased 250 times. The crucial element of the game is that frogs keep hiding in the forest. So, finding the frog is one of the tasks and returns earnings. Moreover, the frog should not fall into the water. If it does, then the bonus game ends. Maximum profit comes with the combination of seven chameleons or the main symbol of the game. Butterflies and snails also provide multipliers of 20, 50 or 150 and 10, 50 or 100 respectively. The game also contains hidden elements that impart mystical features to it.

Fairy Land slot gives ample chances to win

The Fairy Land slot has exciting features to keep you around. The mystical element of the game is fascinating. The game also doubles the earnings. This is a gift to all the casino gamers. Therefore, enter this world of Princess Frog and find the right Prince. Being an Android app, the players can share their score and also help each other with the game. Try your luck and bid high, because the Fairy Land slot machine provides ample chance to do so. Get your hands on it, and surely you will enter your childhood.

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