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Fruit Cocktail Slot

Try our Fruit Cocktail Slot if are thirsty or would like to earn some money

A bright mix of fresh tropical fruits swallows you in unrestrained joy making boring evening or a long day at the office not so tiresome. Everyone will like to play «Fruit Cocktail»: the gamblers with great experience, regulars of virtual gambling establishments, as well as the beginners, because the rules in this slot are utterly simple. Winning combination is incredibly generous in comparison with other similar slot systems. For these reasons, Fruit Cocktail Slot is by far one of the leading game on the Internet among other slots. Are you ready to proceed to the spectacular tropical fun? “Fruit Coctail” will not disappoint anyone!

The plot of the gaming machine «Fruit Cocktail»:

The fans of the famous slot machine Bananas go to the Bahamas and they will also enjoy the «Fruit Cocktail». The slot machine «Fruit Cocktail» online is a summer mix of fresh fruit flavored with a fair amount of adrenaline and cheerful mood. Improve your mood by turning the reel with funny symbols and get a nice amount of pocket money. Or maybe you will be able to win the jackpot and go on an exotic journey now!

Specifications of the slot machine «Fruit Cocktail»

Fruit Cocktail Slot is a classic slot machine divided into 9 paylines where there are 5 spinning reels. As in many other similar games, each user has the opportunity to display the number of playing lines according to his desire. The bets are also very diverse. Winning combinations here are very generous in comparison to many other slots. So, for example, 5 identical images of fruits gathered in a line in the «Fruit Cocktail»" increase the initial bet of the player up to 500 times. The most profitable combination here is a symbol of Watermelon. 5 Watermaelons per one line will increase the winning in 500 times!

«Fruit Cocktail» slot machines also provides the bonus game. It starts with an appearance of three strawberries on the field of the game. It does not matter whether they are lined up in a row or will appear randomly. If you want to get two free spins, you should catch four juicy strawberries on the field and for three spins - at least five berries.

Each symbol has its own slot ‘s odds of winning.The most profitable for the player is the image of glasses with «Fruit Cocktail». "Wild" symbol of this game is a lemon. Its image can replace any other fruits on the screen and help the user to gain a particular amount of money. You are able to learn more about the winning factors, as well as to clarify the rules of the slot by pressing a button on the Help panel.

The players who wish to tickle their nerves will be able to double the amount won or lost everything in the risk game. To run the program you need to press the button «Double». This will display a card, it is necessary to guess the suit. The correct answer will bring the player to double his winning amount, wrong – he will lose everything.

At any time, the player has a chance to get the bonus game which is actually called a Fruit Cocktail - it is similar to the Wheel of Fortune but in the style of a fruit cocktail. Three reels appear in the center of the screen and fruits are on the sides with the light running at a high speed when the reels drop out one or more of the fruits and your winnings will be formed by the formula: the number of identical fruit dropped out at the 3 reels is multiplied by the bonus of the fruit that light choose.

Everyone has the choice to play «Fruit Cocktail» for free or for money. You are able to play «Fruit Cocktail» for free without registration.

An interesting idea, high-quality graphics, clear rules of the game these are the major advantages of the slot. This slot machine leaves a very pleasant experience, even if you play the free version of the game.

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