Gladiator Slot

Gladiator Slot: Thumbs up and Thumbs Down

The iconic gladiator symbol of life and death has no place in a game that is only for the winners. Gladiator is a movie that inspired literally hundreds of different slot machine games, and this one picks the best of them, mashing them up into creating this amazing piece of art with all of the best things in one place.

There are a lot of symbols that are amazingly worked on and sounds that were taken from the movie itself in order to provide you with a good sense of immersion into the cruel world of death in the arena – but can you evade failure and get the arena to fill your pockets? Glory is near, you must reach it!

Know about the Gladiator Slot Machine

The Gladiator slot machine has more than your average slot machine in what comes to different features. In fact, Gladiator is one of the most feature rich slot machines available in any online casino since it packs not one but two bonus independent mini-games AND a gambling opportunity when any winning spin is collected.

Let us start by the scatter symbols however, as those are easy to identify – these are the Coliseum and if you match them you’ll trigger a game that will have you collect rewards from under a rock.

These rocks hide multipliers, free spins and other bonuses to increase your profitability while playing at the machine.

On the other hand, the bonus mini-game that offers you money rewards will give you seven gladiator helmets to choose from, each hides a generous amount of money.

As you see, these features are a key attraction of the slot, because they make it a lot profitable.

Play Gladiator Free: Risk less and Play more!

Gladiators knew they were always risking their life when stepping into the arena, and gamblers at the casino know they are risking their hard earned cash when playing on a Gladiator slot machine – but you can now step into this game arena with no risks at all since you can now enjoy the best the game has to offer using nothing but play money and saving your cash while doing so.

Entering the Arena with no Risk: Gladiator Free!

Casual players get thrilled with the idea of playing the Gladiator machine with no expense at all, and even seasoned players like to give it a spin responsibility-free. By doing so you can even try to see whether your play would be profitable or if you just avoided a major loss – a great perk overall, don’t you think?

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