Ho-Ho-Ho Slot

This Christmas themed slot game is something you should try even if we’re not on those fat Christmas days, since playing it is an experience you don’t want to skip and it can be heavily rewarding both on subjective feelings like fun, high spirits and thrill as in objective values… like money!

Grab your wallet and push some coins down this game, you’ll surely recover them, and they’ll bring you coin-friends.

Fifteen Lines Keep the Ho-Ho-Ho Slot Simple:

Sometimes you face slot machines that have a lot of pay lines and make you bet a lot of money to cover them all – not here though as you face fifteen lines in the Ho-Ho-Ho slot.

This is a game that opts to keep it simple and leaves all of the hard guessing, strategizing and balancing a lot of different features out of the equation.

This makes it so that this slot is ideal for the newbie gambler and can be a great way for you to introduce yourself to the amazing world of slots – and a profitable way to do so as well since the game has an average profitability rate that is pretty high when comparing to a lot of other slots.

This means that this is an addictive and yet pretty simple game that won’t confuse you when playing!

Twenty Free-Spins: The Ho-Ho-Ho Slot Scatter Feature!

There’s a great perk that keeps the Ho-Ho-Ho slot relevant and with a high profitability rate, and that perk is the fact that if you match three Christmas gifts you’ll be granted with twenty free-spins and a multiplier that will double your payouts (x2 multiplier).

This is a great deal, of course, and if you’re a seasoned slot player you know this to be true as most games out there present you with fifteen or even just ten free-spins per trigger, and some don’t even include a multiplier.

Here you’re looking at the double multiplier and the 20 free-spins, and rest assured you can re-trigger this function for as much times as you manage to get the scatter tiles in order to get even more out of a single free-spinning spree, which is great!

If this doesn’t convince you of this game’s value, check the pay table and look at how the values look like even without any multiplier, of course that by multiplying them it all gets pretty interesting and irresistible.

Start playing now and buy yourself some new Christmas Presents!

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