Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance slot

There’s nothing quite as sweet as a slot machine that remembers who its faithful and loyal players are, and we are happy to announce this one is that kind of machine.

The more you play it, the more profits you face and your odds of winning will increase – this is because of one of its key-features that we will disclose shortly.

From the Creators of Thunderstruck II: The Immortal Romance Slot!

The scatter reel tile unlocks new tiers with triggers, just like the Thunderstruck II slot does – and if you think this is a coincidence, then think again because the game developers of that title and of the Immortal Romance slot are one and the same.

The way this game play perk works is as follows: each time you trigger the scatter reel tiles’ specific game mode with the free spins, the machine records it and, after a certain number of triggers has been made, the machine promotes you a tier and carries you to a level where the perks increase and the symbols change a bit as well.

This means that the more time you spend spinning and triggering the bonuses, the bigger the payouts will become, and that’s a huge thing as far as your odds of profitability are concerned.

If you were looking for a slot with a game-changing feature, look no further!

Meet the Immortal Romance Slot Machine’s Pay Table Achievements Function:

If you thought there were no new features to see in the Immortal Romance slot machine, then you thought bad because the developers managed to amaze us with this incredibly great perk – the pay table achievements function.

This feature is exactly what it sounds like – there are certain achievements to be met and unlocked and you can view them by checking the pay table.

Once you set your eyes on a couple of objectives you may start your hunt for the combinations they require in order to be considered complete, and once you do this you can start collecting the payouts for the achievement.

This not only keeps the novelty of the game high, it also rewards players in a unique way and helps keep every play relevant.

This is certainly one of the slots that will have you staring at the pay table for the longest.

Grab your coin purse and pick a coin to gamble with, as you’ll certainly need to get into the game in order to truly appreciate and to test it in order to make your own evaluation of the slot.

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  • Cooledont
    An honest machine. But the main thing is not this, but the fact that playing it gives you real fun. I can say only good things about the slot Immortal Romance. It is easy to understand and fair. I did not notice that this slot machine is deceiving. A slot machine is worthy of the highest praise.
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