In Utah the casino age 800 years was found

In Utah the casino age 800 years was found

The find, made by scientists in one of the caves on the banks of Great Salt Lake in the US state of Utah, can turn the whole history of the emergence of gambling houses upside down.

Carved sticks, hoops, blocks and elements of the game of darts, dated from XIII century in the amount of about 10 million units were found and this may be an indication that gambling flourished long before bright lights of Las Vegas began to shine.

Archaeologists agree that they belong to the unknown to science indigenous peoples who lived on the shores of Great Salt Lake in this period. In 1930, in one of the caves in the region, scientists have found clothing, moccasins, and a pile of bones of bison and elk. But the opening of the 800-year-old gaming space reveals the deeper mysteries of the culture and way of life of these people.

These findings prove that local tribes lived in relative luxury and have enough free time for gambling. Archaeologists also believe that gambling may have played a decisive role in the formation of new relationships of these people with their neighbors and with each other.

As the Professor Jack Ives, an archaeologist from the University of Alberta, told Western Digs, the number and variety of gaming artifacts found in the cave alone is comparable with the volume of similar discoveries throughout western North America.

Gambling by indigenous Indians

Playing dice were made of pieces of processed cane, and the points there were cut or burned by fire. Small hoops were made from the bark of the juniper and were used for darts when they were rolled on the ground or thrown into the air.

Most of the finds were discovered near the entrance to the cave around a large central fireplace that could serve as a gathering place for locals, said Gabriel Yanicki.

In addition, some of the artifacts also say that the locals were in contact with people from distant places. So, one of the dice is made of beaver’s teeth, wrapped in tendon, similar to that found on the Oregon Coast.

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