Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde Slot

You should always avoid these two personalities if you’re in a dark corner, and you know this already, but in this slot machine their presence is always a good thing.

Jekyll is ok in the bonus it gives you, but the true golden ally here is Hyde and the amazing features it brings hidden away in his sleeves.

Prepare to be thrilled and surprised with this dark-themed slot!

Jekyll and Hyde Slot: Jekyll earns you 5 times less!

You’ll want to trigger the scatter reel tile’s functions as many times as you can, because Jekyll isn’t your key to profit – Hyde is!

These two personalities always benefit your purse, but Hyde is who hides the money in their partnership, as you can tell by the different perks you’ll get throughout the game.

You see, most of the combinations in this game are hard to get, unless we’re talking about the bonus feature Hyde is on – and to trigger Hyde you simply have to match the scatter reel tiles in order to enter the free spins and see how Jekyll and Hyde slot and brings some exciting numbers onto the table, as we’ll see next.

For now, rest assured that even though your normal combinations get a bit harder to hit, you’ll have it all back once you get to summon Hyde and his perks that will make you bank harder than the guy can hit!

Normal Matches on the Jekyll and Hyde Slot: Quite Hard!

It isn’t as easy to complete normal matches in the Jekyll and Hyde slot as in the other slots, but the scatter function is what really turns the slot profitable.

The normal play in this slot isn’t as attractive since the odds to match stuff are lower, but the scatter reel tiles hold the power to change it all – once you triggered the free spins and summoned Hyde, your bet can be multiplied by about one thousand and five hundred times, and this is something you should definitely consider… yes, you read that right as your investment can get you a trendy x1500 on your bet.

This is at the center of what keeps this slot machine downright irresistible and popular, and players who value good payouts know this is one of the best titles to get them.

It all comes down to the fact you’ll be facing payouts no other slot could give you, even if it means matching symbols less frequently – it is worth it, and getting a few right combinations can prove it!

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