Ladies Nite

Ladies Nite Slot

The ladies are out and the nightclub is pounding its walls with the bass and the heavy music – it is up to you to get into the club and steal the great payouts this machine has. Prepare to feel thrilled as the reels play around with your odds of success and finally reveal you’re a winner or that you just have to roll again for another shot at its deliciously high payouts.

Ladies Nite Slot: Low Stakes and a Multiplier that’s Wild!

The Ladies Nite slot machine game has the benefit of making you risk only what you can if you’re beginning to walk down the exciting path of slots profitability.

This means that if you are trying to find a slot machine to bet some hundreds of dollars per spin, then you’re off to get a bad time since this slot machine is all aimed at low stakes players.

The betting options are still the same as in many of the slots – you choose how many coins you want to bet per spin and decide on how many lines you want to put your money into – but the options are all pretty low in terms of coin amounts.

On the other hand, the wild reel tile is something to be amazed at, since it packs a whole lot of power, as you can see if you open up the game’s pay table.

Ladies Nite Slot Machine and its Nine Pay Lines

This isn’t one of those confusing titles packed with a great amount of pay lines – the Ladies Nite slot machine follows the classics and presents you a classy interface with only nine pay lines.

Back on the days slot machines weren’t the success they were now, there were plenty of slots with only nine pay lines, and sometimes even less! The developers know there is a lot of audience out there for slots that keep it simple and value the simplicity of old, and so they nabbed this concept in order to work on this amazing slot – keeping it non-sense free and reducing all of the complications to the minimum in order to focus on the game play, the mechanics, the art, sound and payouts!

If you value simplicity but you still desire to play a slot game that is colorful, sharp and modern, then this may be the ideal choice for you – but there’s only one way to know for sure, and that is by playing it yourself.

Grab your coin purse and decide how many coins you’re spending before pressing to spin – once you do that keep your fingers crossed and make sure you check the pay table to know the combinations and how each of those reward you.

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