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Magic Love Slot

Magic Love Slot and its Stakes: Low Stakes Slot Machine Game

This game was designed for all of the slot players who are now in love and enjoying the best things a relationship has to offer. If you feel all warm and happy inside and you want everything you do to reflect that, then you should definitely take a look at the Magic Love slot game – it was made for people like you, so enjoy!

The stakes are pretty low, as opposed to a full blown relationship when these can be pretty high. Jokes apart, you only have eight pay lines to bet on and the maximum bet you can make is by using the highest coin amount and bet with it on every pay line available, giving you a grand total of £12.80, a modest amount when it comes to casino betting, especially if it is the maximum approved bet.

Even though the stakes are low, profit surely isn’t, and we’ll approach that on the next paragraph – just look at its title and you’ll surely get pumped out and ready to start playing.

Getting to Know the Magic Love Slot: £128.000 for a £12.8 bet? Sure!

You are reading it right on the tile of the paragraph, because even though the minimum bet is £12.80, the maximum play win is £128.000 – and this is not even a jackpot, it is the outcome of matching all of the reels.

On the other hand, if you happen to match even three of the car symbols you’ll get a huge win of £300.

Not too shabby eh? This is what is at stake in Magic Love, and Net Entertainment is rewarding those in love by giving them amazing shots at profit.

Play this with your better half and you’ll face serious chances of going on a trip somewhere – all covered by your profits.

Playing Magic Love Free: The best way to probe around:

If the numbers above have seriously impressed you but you feel you need some play time in order to explore every functionality and every reward to its fullest, then worry not – just start playing whenever you wish, as you can even play for free avoiding any bet by using demo coins.

Enjoy Magic Love Free and see its sheer potential!

Playing for free is a great way for players all around to get to know just how generous the Magic Love slot machine is and how high its rewards are – experience its profitability first hand and you’ll be ready to input your own coins to make this interesting.

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