Mermaids Millions

Mermaids Millions Slot

Sailing back on the 1700s was dangerous stuff, and the stakes were high – there were countless legends about sea creatures and mermaids would be one of them.

It turns out that in this slot title, the stakes are pretty low in contrast to the dangers of sailing and even when you’re simply considering the stakes of other slot machines – and this is a good point for the newbie gambler.

Payouts are Wild: The Mermaids Millions Slot High Point!

The best thing about the Mermaids Millions slot has to be the payout awarded for the wild reel tile combinations and the fact that these are not only generous but also some of the best in the industry.

The thing that makes these perk amazing is that it exists to compensate the fact that this slot title has no other core perks like gambling functions or other non-sense – so it really compensates its users by giving them what they really like, payouts that are out of this world.

Matching wilds is therefore one of the best ways to profit at the game, but is it the only one? Not a chance!

The other figures are really worth matching as well, and you should check the pay table once in game to know more – the only low point about this slot is that it doesn’t cater to high stakes players.

The Mermaids Millions Slot is not for High Stakes gambling!

One of the things you should know about the Mermaids Millions slot machine game is that it isn’t done thinking about risk takers since its betting stakes and features consider low stakes users above all.

The betting options are the same as with any slot – pick the coin amount, pick the lines and you’re done!

However, this slot hasn’t got high stakes amounts, meaning that even though you tune the bets to their maximum, the amount is still pretty low.

As far as low stakes players are concerned, this is a great thing – a slot that enables them to bet little amounts and earn a bit more is a great chance for them to learn and to enjoy the thrill of playing slots without a big impact on their wallet and the “risk ghost” airing over their heads.

However, high stakes players will have to take their cash elsewhere since you’ll not be betting hundreds of dollars on each line like high stakes slots allow you to do – this makes it so that rich people often tune out of these slot types, but in this case that could be a serious mistake, as the value in this game is pretty apparent and we highly advise everyone to try!

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