Mugshot Madness

Mugshot Madness Slot

Are you ready to play a slot game that puts you in charge of collecting the mugshots of apparently harmless animals that may have practiced their fair rate of crimes?

If so, then you should join forces with the local detective that is working hard to imprison these outlaws in a quick and very profitable way!

Mugshot Madness Slot: Double Detectives for the Wild!

No, there aren’t two different detectives in the Mugshot Madness slot, and we’re talking about the word double because you’ll get an x2 multiplier when you manage to collect and match Jack Murphy, the detective on the case.

The combinations you get in this slot game are always great, but sometimes you may find out that you’re lacking one symbol – rest assured that if the spot where the lacking symbol misses is filled by the detective, you’ll still be paid.

This is thanks to the properties of the detective tile that acts like the wild tile in this game, replacing any other tile except the scatter reel symbol.

On the other hand, if you manage to pull out a winning combination using a wild tile, you’ll have the payout of that combination multiplied by two, so you earn twice of what you were winning if the combo was to be made traditionally – great feature isn’t it?

Badge and the Line Up: Scattering on the Mugshot Madness Slot!

Scatters also have a role on the Mugshot Madness slot machine, and you’ll be able to see how they affect your game once you collect three or more of them.

Once you do get three or over three badges you’ll enter the free-spinning madness the scatter function triggers, and during these free-spins you’ll get increased shots at the payouts.

The perk of not having to pay for the spins is something that will increase your profit beyond measure, simply because you won’t be incurring in any expense and everything you win can be considered as a payout for the bet you triggered the scatter reel tile’s function in.

This isn’t a groundbreaking feature and certainly isn’t unique in any way since most slots have these free-spins, but it is a feature we never grow tired of because it, quite simply, makes us money!

If you’re ready to start gambling on this machine, we’ll delay you no further. Wishes of the best luck and may you help that detective, as he’ll surely help you back!

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