Panther Moon

Panther Moon Slot

The wilds are something to gaze upon and make you proud of mother nature, and this slot machine capitalizes on that beauty, creating a game where you can spot the beautiful Panther Moon slot, the sunset and other nature-themed elements that are not only gorgeous but can be quite profitable as well – generous payouts are everywhere in this machine, and the pay table window can point you in the right direction when you’re in game.

So, make sure your coin purse is prepared for the payouts, select your bets and your lines, think about how you’re going to tackle this title and jump head first into this terrific game.

No Jackpot, but a lot of Combos! The Panther Moon Slot Perks!

There’s no progressive jackpot to chase after in the Panther Moon slot machine, and if you’re looking for one of those beautiful side-games in another screen then you are also out of luck, however, if you want profitability and hundreds of ways to reach a payout – this is your thing!

You can find a lot of different ways towards payouts that will drive you mad, and this is the feature that makes up for the fact that there is no side-game in this slot and no big progressive jackpot to aim for, thus making the developers pay you in other ways to make sure the average return to player rate (kind of your profitability rate) stays high at all times.

With the Panther Moon Slot Perk you can get an x500 Multiplier!

That’s right, it all comes down to how the scatter reel tiles’ function works when you trigger it, and the way it does is that depending on how many of these tiles you capture you’ll be given perks to match it, up to a payout of x500 on your initial trigger bet.

These triggers, of course and like in most other games, also present you with free spins you can spend in order to turn the tables in your favor and to cash out hard, and this function is one you can count on because it is even something you can re-trigger, expanding your chances at playing for free for a long period of time – meaning no bet which in turn means no risks and no expenses, just payouts!

If the way we reviewed this slot game piqued your attention and interest, wait until you roll a coin in and try it yourself – we highly recommend you to as we know you won’t be disappointed and will become hooked!

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