Pharaoh’s Gold 3

Pharaoh’s Gold 3 Slot

There’s always a legend of a mummy hiding away in a sarcophagus ready to terrorize mankind, and the mummy protects some kind of hidden treasure or ancient relic. When all of the ancient Egypt tales, Hollywood movies and books are heavily scrutinized, we always find something in common.

This common thing is that if you closely look at these items they all revolve around some kind of treasure or item of great value – and picking that up we have a slot machine doomed to success!

Read about the slot machine that hides the riches of ancient Egypt right here, and think about the payouts you’ll make by taming that game.

Pharaoh’s Gold 3 Slot Perks: Scatter Eye and Renewed Hope!

When you take a first glance upon the Pharaoh’s Gold 3 slot machine game you’re not going to notice a lot of game play tier differences between this version and its predecessors.

The truth is, most of the things that changed throughout the years are things most players consider accessory, but it really marks the difference and builds a solid newer version.

When you question a player about what makes a solid slot game, they’ll always go on about the game play mattering more than the looks, but when things really get practical, most people go to the slots that have the most bells and whistles, and slots that have 3D graphics and are extensively worked on really get a player base far superior to simpler concepts our outdated machines.

Making it simple, these sequels keep these amazing slots on the run, avoiding the fact that time creates outdated machines and evading the possibility of becoming obsolete.

When you really look at the first pharaoh’s gold and this one, you see how much the developers worked on making this game relevant for the audience of today, and how polished this sequel really is!

With the Pharaoh’s Gold 3 Slot you can Gamble your Payouts: A Novoline Feature!

If you always feel like gambling your earnings in order to empower them with increased profits, then the Pharaoh’s Gold 3 slot machine can be your best ally for this endeavor.

The developer behind this machine, Novoline, is famous for introducing the gambling feature in most of its products, and this is traditionally known as that “guess the color of the card” mini-game.

This gambling feature can be entered with a winning payout and it has the potential to increase your profits by doubling it – or suck your payout dry if you fail to make the right guess!

How much do you want to risk? It’s your choice and call on this amazing feature.

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