Playboy Slot

Jump on Hefner’s slippers and play around in this amazingly hot and generous slot machine – you’ll be able to see everything you want to see and play with a lot of different girls who have a lot of amazing bonuses in their hands to share with a player of their choice – will that player be you? There’s only one way to win their hearts, it’s by triggering their scatters!

Trigger those Scatters! The Playboy Slot Game’s Unique Feature

The Playboy slot is quite unique because the more you play the more you can profit! This happens thank to its unique feature of unlocking different play mates with different bonuses as you play and get more winning combinations.

The perk is the result of getting the scatter tiles matched and triggering it will not only grant you those much desired free-spins but also some special bonuses depending on what tier you are playing on.

In the first tier, Kimi’s tier, you’ll be playing with some bonuses and you’ll keep on triggering that game until you get promoted to different tiers with yet more different bonuses.

At the end of the road, the playmate waiting for you is Jilian, and she is waiting with some pretty crazy perks that will increase your profitability rating through the roof while giving you some eye candy and some novelty rich elements we won’t disclose as to avoid spoiling the surprise.

The truth is this bonus not only increase the potential profitability of the machine, it actually makes it more addicting than ever because you simply feel like you have to keep spinning and unlocking new girls to play with – as the slot knows all too well about our love for hot women.

Lovely Art, Amazing Girls: The Playboy Slot!

When we’re discussing something as visual as Playboy, of course we have to recommend you to sit back and relax, while appreciating the artwork behind the Playboy slot game.

The figures, reel tiles, slot case, and background are all jaw dropping in their quality and the game is overall a pretty sexy slot machine to look at – complete with playmates and models to drool on and some amazing profit potential.

The sound is also a nice addition since it doesn’t nag you constantly with high pitch sounds but keeps it real and immersive in order to grant you the best playable experience of your life.

Unlocking new girls to play with is simply one of the best experiences, and seeing the bonuses in the high tiers really blows your mind with possibilities.

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