Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Slot

Queen of Hearts slot was first introduced in the land of Czars, Russia, and it was a hit on the casino floors and since then has been accepted by a large number of players. Queen of Hearts Slot is brought to you by none other than Microgaming that brings to you the new slot game with a number of different features that have still now proved to be attractive to many players who have played them for a long time.

Queen of Hearts Slot- Understanding the game and playing!

In the game, you will actually find that there are five reels along with exactly 30 pay lines that are designed to help the players to understand the game. It is more or less a simple enough game for the new players to understand and after playing for a few times they can easily understand what the tricks of the game are. There are also exciting features in the slot such as the doubling wilds which are designed to double your earnings and if you have enough double wilds stacked up then you get to unlock another impressive feature of the slot.

The new feature that gets triggered is called 10 Free Spins. As you can understand from the name of it, you actually get 10 Spins without paying and instead you will be able to earn a lot in the form of payouts. The exciting feature of 10 Free Spins in Queen of Hearts, is best realized when it unlocks a lot of action because once triggered they come in 2x multipliers that are also triggered automatically. Moreover, the doubling wilds will make you happy once they start to form winning combinations.

Queen of Hearts Slot- The patient wait for payouts!

Queen of Hearts slot is sure to test your patience, but it also is a war of attrition when you are actually looking to get that perfect combinations among those five reels. But be assured that it doesn't really matter how much she makes you wait, she also pays you generously. It is so because the jackpot of the game can reach up to limits of 2400.000 million coins, and that feat has also been achieved quite a few times and makes that payout very attractive.

The fun fact about the slot game is that the features of the game keep on updating from time to time and along with that the chances of higher payout also increase if you play your slots right.

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