Ramses 2

Ramses 2 Slot

Yet another Ancient Egypt slot machine, but is it just another title or a good hit you can spend countless hours on? That heavily depends on your own experiences with it, of course, but we are willing to say this game is not just another one and that it truly is something of value, as we will discuss throughout this game review we’re posting below.

Ramses 2 Slot: Sarcophagus Multiplies Wins!

The sarcophagus in the Ramses 2 slot machine acts as the wild reel tile, and though it does just this it also manages to make your payouts become much more interesting by doubling them when the combination you get them from is made using a wild tile.

Traditionally, you think of wild tiles as those tiles who replace everything except scatters, and this is a great thing since this is something that will boost your odds and turn the table in your favor by allowing you to match more and more.

However, in this game the sarcophagus tile presents you with an additional bonus – it doubles the payout for any combination it is involved in, meaning that if you a combination that pays you 100, for example, if you complete it with a wild it will net you 200, and that’s the magic of the sarcophagus wild tile here.

Of course there are other perks to be had in this game, and we’ll talk about more down the next paragraph.

Three or More Scarabs in the Ramses 2 Slot!

If you manage to collect over three “scarab” reel symbols you’ll manage to get some free-spins and a multiplier you’re going to love since it isn’t x2, but x3! The scarab, as you may know by now, stands for the scatter tile, thus enabling the scatter function.

During the scatter function you’ll get free-spins to spend, and these free-spins will grant you the ability to do some combinations without having to bet – and the sweetest thing is that as you get the x3 multiplier, the payouts you get from those combos are all tripled, making this sweet function even sweeter!

It’s no wonder these scarab tiles make the game so addicting – they are possibly the way to go if you want to bank hard, being on the core of this game’s profitability, and you can even re-trigger their function over and over again, as the free-spins will stack!

What do you think of this Ramses 2 slot so far? If you have no idea then you better jump on the slot and start playing – it will be a blast!

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