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Reel Gems slot

The magic of gems and the amazing power they hold in our thoughts – most consider gems to be luxury incarnate, others think they are imbued with some kind of powers and others believe their zodiac signs can bond with certain gems to empower their holders.

No matter what you think, humanity owes gems a lot, and they always were a highly sought after piece of bargain many men fought over throughout the centuries.

Check this review to know more about this gem-themed slot machine.

Diamonds are Scattering and Well Paid! The Reel Gems Slot!

Diamonds are the apex of the gems world, and so it is not surprising that they have the top spot as far as the Reel Gems Slot game reel symbols are concerned.

The truth is, diamonds are the scatter reel tile in this slot machine game and they are what make it possible for you to keep on spinning free of charge – keep in mind scatters give you freebie spins.

On the other hand, the highest paying combination in the game has also got to do with diamonds, since that gem will award you with a huge payout if you get five of them to match along a pay line you betted on.

So, they are valued by their functions and by their face values – there’s nothing to dislike about this particular gem in this game, but don’t let it be your sole focus when spinning the reels.

Re-Spin for more Diamonds: Reel Gems Slot Strategy!

The new re-spin feature is a boon and makes a lot of great high level plays in the Reel Gems slot title possible. However, this feature also demands that you carefully think of its use before putting your coins on the line.

You should always bear in mind that this new perk has a cost to be used and that you must make sure this cost will be more than covered by your payout if the re-spin brings you the reel tiles you most desperately need.

As such, you should know which combinations pay what in order to take some informed decisions and make sure both your initial bet and the re-spin cost are just sand in the huge load of payout you’ll get if things go your way.

It is time for you to step forward and make this perk your own by exploring it in order to bend the odds and to ensure you get the payouts you need and deserve. Think it over and press that re-spin button if you think it’s going to pay off – sometimes it will do more than that.

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