Reel Strike

Reel Strike slot

Welcome to the thrill of slots and the best thing these iconic machines have to offer – payouts, and lots of payouts.

These two thrills are what you’re going to face when playing this slot title, and we guarantee giving this game a spin is something you won’t regret and that will give you a lot of fun on your way to the greatest payouts.

Trigger those Five: The Reel Strike Slot!

If you want to play Reel Strike slot machine’s side game, you’ll have to make the Reel Strike Slot game play area show you five matching wild reel tiles, and though this seems unlikely, it is actually not uncommon!

Normally there is a reel tile for side-games only, and most of the times that reel tile is known as the “Bonus” symbol, having the word written on it most times too. On the other hand, you can get these tiles to trigger the side-game, and these are what bring the players some time out of the spinning grind that could otherwise bore them.

This side-game not only makes the game maintain its hook on you but also gives you some pretty lucrative payouts that may turn the tide of luck to your favor.

Getting five reels always seems to be a hard thing to do, but in this slot game it is not so hard and you’ll be playing the side-game pretty often, which is something that keeps the “evergreen” attribute of the game up and gives it a good visual and mechanical buff.

Reel Strike Slot: The Bad Thing.

The bad thing about the Reel Strike slot title is that it really doesn’t bring anything new to the table and there’s not one thing about it that you can really point out to be unique to the game or not seen anywhere else.

So, to sum the review up, if you’re looking for some well spent time and for some fun, being it casual or hardcore, then you’ll find it here but – on the other hand – if you’re looking for a slot that packs a lot of new features and interesting perks you will find nowhere else, then we are afraid to tell you that this isn’t your pick and certainly not our first recommendation.

However, the way the betting system goes, allowing you to bet from low stakes to high stakes and the simplicity of the slot’s mechanics make this title worth your time if you just want to play and not to rediscover the wheel – and you can therefore try it at your leisure.

Did you make the choice already? Are you going to play it or sit this one out?

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