Safari Madness

Safari Madness slot

The Safari Madness Slot machine game can be quite deceiving at first looks, and if you just glance at it from the zoomed out image you are given when you first play it you can think it is merely a three reeled slot machine, amazingly simple and more on the classic build than anything.

However, this first glance would give you the wrong conclusion, and you would see this when you start to play at the slot – you would start seeing how the reels rotate independently from one another and how this is actually a pretty well disguised nine reeled slot.

Having this in mind, you notice that the game isn’t as simple as you though before.

Appearances can be deceiving: The Safari Madness slot is not that simple

As stated above, you would think the slot is actually a lot simpler than it really is, but the Safari Madness slot game is actually a force to be reckoned with in the online casino, as even though it only has eight different pay lines it has a lot of built in features, like the ability to choose from a wide variety of betting amounts and the fact that there’s even an option screen that you can use to adjust whether you want to spin each time yourself, having the auto-spin spin it for you, have the auto-spin spin everything except winning rounds and more.

So you see, Net Entertainment is actually improving its game as years go by, and this can be seen by the commodities added in each of its titles, including in Safari Madness slot.

Play Safari Madness free and win big: Discover Nature’s Mysteries

The reels are amazingly worked on, depicting all of the elements you would hopefully find in a safari, like the wild animals, the jeeps, and the… gold bars? Yes, even though the theme is highly immersive and gets you on the right setting, there are still a couple of classic elements present in the game!

Enjoy the casual Safari Madness free experience:

If you wish to play this amazing game while keeping all of your hard earned money in your pocket, then know you can now do it by enjoying a fulfilling free play experience.

There’s nothing to lose and to win, except for fun!

start to play and win!
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  • Not to say that you can earn a lot on this machine, but I'll tell you the truth, you can earn. You need just to wait for the win and still be lucky, just say it is necessary to rely on your luck, without the luck you will not survive in Safari Madness slot.
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