Santas Wild Ride

Santas Wild Ride slot

Santa’s riding a bike in order to greet every good gambler around the world and, hopefully, drop some payout presents right on their coin purses. Were you a naughty player or a good gambler, let the slot judge you!

So it isn’t Christmas? The Santa’s Wild Ride slot doesn’t mind!

What about if you want to play on the Santa’s Wild Ride slot during the peak of July? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that as the game is addicting and it will keep you hooked during all of the year, not on a single holiday.

You’ll be happy to know that this slot is pretty popular during the summer months as well, and that’s partially because of its amazing features and addicting perks that will get you constantly coming back for more or hooked on the spot!

First of all, the tiles in the slot and the slot case itself are amazingly worked on, so that’s something positive and great for all of the player base that really enjoys the looks of what they are playing – eye candy is always nice after all.

Then there’s the slot’s mechanics and the rates of the machine, since those are pretty nice as well.

Lastly, you have to consider the fact that the wild tile sin this game aren’t just that, they also provide you with multipliers when you get them, and these multiplier can multiply your payouts for up to four times, which is nothing to look sideways at!

With all of this said, there are a still a couple of pointers we want to provide, so proceed to the next paragraph.

Wild Scatters: The Santa’s Wild Ride Effect!

Wilds have a big part in the Santa’s Wild Ride slot machine, and this isn’t just because the word is in the name of the game as well, but for the fact that even during the scatter you trigger wild-specific events!

First of all, you have to know the scatter tiles here are the bike’s keys, so bearing that in mind know that if you trigger the elusive free spins you’ll be able to go down three distinct roads – these roads vary according to your choice, as you have three wild tile related features to pick and you can only choose one.

We won’t disclose the specifics of these three different game modes since that would be considered spoiling, but the thing is all of them are pretty generous and will increase your odds of getting to the payouts, so they are all equally good, your choice will be based on either personal taste or strategy.

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