Sharky slot

The Sharky slot is certainly a game that will get you going down the memory lane. As a child, each person aspires to be an astronaut or a policeman. All sorts of wild career options pop into their heads. Being a pirate is among those wild ideas. The ruthless pirates sail on their ships in the ocean and the quest for gold and jewels. Sharky slot machine has this concept of pirates. So, this game revives the childhood aspirations, the old fantasies and brings them to life. The game renders an exciting adventure and is attractive for the gamers. In this game, the player supposedly goes on a fake trip to get money. The myriad bonus features of this game will help the player to win an extraordinary amount. Therefore, buckle your seat. It is going to be an adventurous road.

Sharky slot has Super Bonus slots that can turn you ecstatic

The Sharky slot machine has splendid bonus features that will help you win loads. This game has five reels and nine pay lines. The game has a special slot called the "Reel King" in which the participants must create a combination. On the first reel column and fifth reel column, the player should have the pirate ship and an uninhabited island. This combination will open ten free spins. These spins can help you reach the bonus round. If the player gets a pirate ship at the first reel, then he reaches a bonus stage in which a boat and a chest of gold come along with the ship. This is a blessing to all the casino game players. The combinations that are made with the Lady, nine, tens and a jack and other cards are futile. If a Parrot, Chest or Sabers is collected, it will multiply a bet to *1000 times, returning huge earnings. This feature will surely get your heart racing as there is opportunity to win a lot.

Sharky slot machine has symbols that will keep you rich

The Sharky slot machine has a Wild symbol-Pirate, who multiplies the bet by 2, 5, 100, 1000 or even 5000 times. Another important quality is it can substitute for any missing symbol and complete a winning combination to win loads. The Parrot symbol can increase the wealth *1000. The Piracy chests symbol, when in five, increases the treasure by *500. There are no bounds to money on this game. So, try your luck and make yourself rich!

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  • Criselda Lansberry
    Great! Though I have not played slot machines a lot on the Internet, but this slot caught me, probably because of the bonuses. You can double the bet from 2 to 250 times!! And marine style is unusual, fun
  • Roquemore
    Hello. I want to tell about such gaming machine as Sharky, a very comfortable and a good machine where you can earn quite a lot, for me, bonus round has become a pleasant surprise!
  • Norris Esquivel
    A pirate theme of the slot Sharky excites the mind not only of young children who dream to enter the vast expanses of the ocean. I am enchanted by this slot!
  • Moises Light
    What I like about Sharky slot is the fact that you can play for real money. Besides this gaming machine gives all gamblers a great chance of winning. Believe me, I did win!
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