Six Million Dollar Man

Six Million Dollar Man Slot

Those of you who are lucky enough to remember this amazing show, you’ll instantly recognize some of the reels present in this slot machine game since they are the nuclear powered limbs who gave the hero all of those bionic powers.

Indeed, the reels bring a lot of things from the show back on to the table, perhaps to try and achieve the same level of success the TV show got and to tackle an older player base since Marvel’s slot machines are flooding the market in order to get the young adults.

If you loved the show, then chances are you’ll love the Six Million Dollar Man machine too – but there’s no telling until you try it yourself.

Six Million Dollar Man Slot: Bringing you back to the 1970s!

When analyzing the slot’s elements you’ll see all of them were designed to put you in some sorts of time machine to relive the seventies, years that had a lot of good things – even more than the TV show and all of the “peace and love” mottos circulating about.

The numbered reels are made out to represent the art period of the time and the face reels have the actors and devices involved in the show, as to remind you those characters and props are still there, in your imagination and in the imagination of many.

Play Six Million Dollar Man Free: Know what it is all about!

If you want to play and see what the slot machine is all about, then you can do so with no charge as you can play it for free.

This is especially convenient for people who usually don’t play slots and found their way to the machine simply because of their love by the 70s show.

For Six Million Dollar Man Slot players, rest assured that the game is packed with cool features like bonus and scatter tiles – not a dull moment and a lot of ways to get payouts that will put your own head spinning.

Not ready to risk money? Want to get to know the machine better? Play Six Million Dollar Man Free!

Casual players unite and celebrate the fact that you can play this Playtech developed Six Million Dollar Man Slot game for absolutely no money at all. That’s right, you can now spend less and play more as you have access to demo coins in order to try the machine on your own terms and rhythm.

Wait no further and throw yourself at it.

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