Sky Bet and OpenWager’s partnership in the sphere of social gaming

Sky Bet and OpenWager’s partnership in the sphere of social gaming

The development of such a phenomenon as social gaming is evident with every new offer appeared on the gambling market. So, online gaming bookmakers are thinking over the process of monetization of social gaming, although it’s not so easy.

The agreement between Sky Betting and Gaming from one side and OpenWager from the second side was made to work together on the creation of a new social gaming facility. The UK company Sky Betting and Gaming comprises 4 brands: Sky Bingo, Sky Bet, Sky Vegas and Sky Poker. CVC Capital Partners, a private company worth of $46 billion, purchased the greater stake in Sky Betting and Gaming for $800,000,000 in December, 2014.

Founded in 2013, the company OpenWager has a headquarter in San Francisco and offices in Romania, in Bucharest and in Hungary, in Budapest. The company deals with development, delivery and operation of the casino entertainment facilities. Their new social casino product is ‘Sky Hollywood Slots that will provide the customers with a lot of new entertaiments. The users of iOS, Android and other platforms will be able to download them as well.

Sky Bet’s head of social games Bruce Bale remarked, “The role of social casino is becoming more and more significant in the sphere of entertainment, so we can’t pass by a chance to apply our practice with real money gaming in a new field. With such a great partner as OpenWager, an outstanding social gaming provider, we will conquer the gaming markets of Canada, the US, Western Europe and even Asia.”

John Cahill, the Chief Executive Officer at OpenWager, informed, “Having Sky Bet as a partner, we’ll be able to offer quite a new standard of entertainment. Sky Hollywood Slots will attract the attention of our existing customers, as well as some new players.”

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