Starlight Kiss

Starlight Kiss slot

Behold, a St. Valentine’s day themed slot that brings the spark to the fires of passion – with this title, things are bound to get hot anyhow!

Starlight Kiss Slot: Spin it or Sit Back!

The developers behind the Starlight Kiss slot know some of us just want to watch as the hypnotizing reel tiles spin round and round until they stop at their final destination, and so you can easily play this game without moving a finger.

So, you’ll be watching the game play itself, which packs some novelty since this is a concept rarely seen in any other games out there.

This caters to the needs of those who have their hands chilly and want to keep them warm on a heater or in the pockets – how many times has this happened to you when you were playing the slots?

Of course there are a lot of players that can’t do without their spin buttons and that must press the buttons in order to please their luck – there are all kinds of superstitions out there and many of them include player based actions.

Betting on the Starlight Kiss Slot Lines: Max Bet and Max Collect!

Most seasoned slot machine gamblers know that betting the maximum amount of coins in order to unlock every single pay line is the best way to make sure the odds grow bigger and lean a bit more towards you – now you can take advantage of that knowledge by pressing the “max bet” button in order to guarantee you’ll have the best shot at the $10.000 payout.

If you don’t want to bet on all of those pay lines even knowing that may affect your odds negatively, you can do so by pressing a few buttons as all of the betting system is highly customizable.

Regardless, the payouts all vary with the stakes you play in, and for more information you should definitely take a glance on the game’s pay table in order to know what each combination accounts for.

The amounts vary according to the stakes, but they do so proportionally, so you aren’t getting an unfair advantage just by betting larger amounts or getting capped because you are too avert to risk – and this is a good thing to keep in mind.

With all of this said, if falls to you to try this slot game and make your own decisions while planning your strategies according to the results and budget you get.

We certainly wish you the best of luck and a good hour or two of fun!

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  • HeheAway
    With this slot machine there is some sort of stability. And I like the fact that you win with Starlight Kiss, regardless of the size of the bet. I like to play the machine. It is easy to understand, and I have a good success. I like it so much that I always win. The slot is chic!
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