Super Nudge 6000

Super Nudge 6000 slot

The Super Nudge 6000 machine is another great example of how retro styled machines still have enough market to keep on going and keep on going hard.

This machine is insanely simple, and it doesn’t have those mini-games more modern machines have, what this machine does have however is an amazing profitability due to its Supermeter and advanced build in features that make it have a big play value.

The artwork and the sound were designed to make you relive a piece of slot machine and casino history, while they were polished in order to keep this title relevant in today’s gambling world.

Read below on how they did it – and thank Net Entertainment for doing it as they were in charge of the development.

Reviving Classic Slots with the Super Nudge 6000 Slot Machine Game

For starters, the elements of the classic machines are all there – there are only three slots and the machine is one of those Nudge moving machines, thus the name.

However, there’s a supermeter slot above the regular slot that enables you to bet your earnings and payouts in order to multiply them further if you feel like risking it.

It may be risky, but you know that where there is risk there is profit – and the Supermeter slot gives you a lot more chances at profit than the regular one beneath.

The pay lines aren’t many, as usually happens with classic slots, but you do have the option of betting in each one of them or on them all, depending on your play style.

The number of coins to bet can also be regulated by you, and the choice of bets isn’t bad at all.

Play Super Nudge 6000 Free: Embrace the classical motives with new emotions!

To experience a Super Nudge 6000 slot machine without having to bet money is something people wouldn’t consider back in the days, as these machines were mostly on diners and casinos and would only give you the chance to play them if you would bet. Nowadays, things have changed and you can now enjoy a game of it completely free of charge.

Enjoy the Super Nudge 6000 Free of Stress!

So if you want to enjoy Super Nudge 6000 slot without risking it, now you can. Grab your demo purse and start betting with virtual coins that will grant you no losses or profit, but a hell lot of fun!

start to play and win!
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  • SuperHero777
    Many players think that classic video slots are boring. However, this is difficult to say about the slot Super Nudge 6000. An additional fields and the function Nudges diversifies the classics and can please even those who prefer to play more functional slots.
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