15% Point of Consumption tax and the UK gambling market

15% Point of Consumption tax and the UK gambling market

Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) CEO Peter Howitt has appeared in the center of importance lately thanks to his relation to the UK online gaming industry.

The new 15% Point of Consumption (POC) tax for online gaming operators made by the UK Gambling Bill started its work on the 1st of December after being passed by the House of Lords in March 2014 and received its Royal Assent in May 2014.

Howitt and the GBGA challenging the bill in higher courts gave the lingering to the tax act. They motivated their pretension with more beneficial conditions offered to gaming operators from the UK and the protection of consumers’ rights.

According to Howitt, Gibraltar offers one of the most supportive by the regulated sector conditions in the sphere of online gaming business. More than 3, 000 are busy providing numerous services to customers throughout the world and Gibraltar is also encouraging new businesses to open here. As to the changes introduced by the UK with its new tax, this country is not interested in supporting gaming operators, so not many of them will be interested in having business there.”

GBGA is waiting for the year 2015 as they are allowed to challenge the tax then. They hope to address some specific issues in order to improve the situation. They see the difficulties that the UK gambling market faced and hope that the politicians will undertake some measures to change this and GBGA is going to support this.

Dutch gambling regulations

After Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) tried to pre-apply for Dutch gaming licenses before the appearance of the new gambling act, he was blamed in impropriety.

William Hill together with its partners decided to desist their work responding to this bill.

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