Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk Slot

Feel yourself in the role of A superhero Hulk and earn some money with the The Incredible Hulk slot

Do you want to feel yourself like a super hero? Do you sometimes feel a mad rage when you feel that it is not you but the other person? Well, then this game is for you! You can throw out your aggression in a peaceful way, in addition, if you play it right, you can also earn a good amount of money for your anger.

The Incredible Hulk slot is one of the most impressive line of the games based on the stories of the world-famous comic book by Marvel company, where, in addition to the «Hulk» slot there are such masterpieces as “The Fantastic Four”, “Captain America” and “Iron Man”.

The film and its protagonist gained immense love of the audience and now «Hulk» wins the hearts through the slot machines too! The story about the Incredible Hulk started in 1962. It tells the story of Dr. Bruce Banner, a scientist, who turned into an incredibly strong green monster as a result of irradiation with gamma rays. And yet, even in spite of his short temper, he is an immortal super hero who fights against evil and win it!

Things to pay attention to in The Invredible Hulk slot game

The first thing you will see while opening the slot based on the eponymous comic-book will be its design. Music, graphics and effects are simply superb! This machine is based on the basis of Playtech, a company that has extensive experience and has already gained a reputation and won the confidence of the gamblers, which means high quality, sharp images and great sound, as well as exciting bonus games. Offering superb special effects and beautiful graphics which make up an exciting combination of the best qualities of gaming machines if composed together.

This slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines, each of which you can expect to bring you big wins! In details, on the reel you can see the following symbols: the cards from Nine to Ace, the symbol of Hulk, vehicles and helicopters, as well as the signs of nuclear danger.

You can also run free spins in “Hulk” slot if you have special symbol combinations. The bonus game has the logical name of the Crushing Blow. Hulk smashes police cars and helicopters and the player can adjust the furious green giant. Here you can splash out and accumulate rage destroying everything on your path. An interesting bonus game gives you the chance to win from 10 to 100 free spins and it can also triple all your winnings! In addition to the bonus game, there are other incentives for fans of the «Hulk».

All the gamblers will appreciate a truly wide range of bets from 0.01 to $ 250 and this is excellent! You can easily adjust the bet yourself to get exactly the prize you want. The Incredible Hulk slot can entertain you for a few hours and you will never get bored with it.

Today, on our website you can enjoy the first-class slot inspired by the fascinating history that can bring you a huge jackpot! And you can do it right out of the house if you play “Hulk” online! Do not miss your chance and try out the slot machine right now.

For you convenience it is possible to use the autostart. The bonus game Smash Bonus in the slot is triggered when the 1 and 5 reels have the symbols «Smash Bonus». However, there are non-standard bonuses in almost all games of Marvel - take “Iron Man 2” as an example- this is a machine of the same manufacturer.

You will see the police cars and three attempts. For each destroyed car you will get a certain win. And then you have to shoot down one of the three helicopters which will show the multiplication factor of the credits won. The additional bonuses: 10 free spins that multiply all the wins by 3 that are given in the case of coincidence in any position of three or more symbols of Incredible Hulk. You can also get bonus credits when the reel 3, center, and 2, 3 and 4 reels have the symbols of «Hulk».

If everything is clear, then get started!

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