The Most Famous Slot Machines

The Most Famous Slot Machines

There are various ratings and tournament tables in the gambling industry sphere. But not many of them highlight the most famous slot machines on the Internet. Today we offer you to talk about this. Let’s make our own list, in which we will show you the most popular games in the online mode of the gambling world.

The slot machines in our rating were not chosen by some company, but people who play them did this. Most of them are known to experienced players from the time of their trips to the local bars and gaming clubs. The head of this list of slot machine takes the Pyramids slot.

The Pyramids tells us about the ancient treasures held by the Aztecs in North America. Having solved the riddle of the game of this ancient nation, you will be able to enjoy all the treasures of the tribe. Quite a number of interesting symbols and good music can brighten up your leisure time and bring you not only a good mood, but also decent returns.

After the Pyramids goes the slot machine from the same manufacturer called Slotopol. A firm that is called MegaJack. Slotopol somehow lost its popularity in the transition from virtual to real-time. The reason may be the fact that it met a huge competition and could not stand it. Even the attempts were made to rehabilitate the game in the eyes of the players using the market launch of the second part entitled Slotopol Deluxe Slot.

Now, let’s go to the most popular machines from the company Gaminator. Of course, the first and most indisputable here is the Book of Ra slot. People are so fond of this slot from the old times that even today this fact does not cause any emotions. Besides, this machine is a leader on the Internet for a long time.

This slot tells us about the adventurous traveler who decided to find the sacred book of Ra. According to the legend, this book is able to turn any man into a fabulous rich person. Today, virtually anyone can go for the quest of it. This can be done using a slot machine Book of Ra.

Also, do not forget about another great device called Columbus. Though it was not very popular in the real clubs, but for the clubs it cost very cheap, so it was present in almost every of them. Due to such a wide coverage of its presence, it gained its popularity.

In order to revive the interest to this game, the company Gaminator decided to create a sequel of the game called Columbus Deluxe.

Also in the list of the most well-known slot machines on the Internet there is a place for fans of slots from the company Igrosoft. Monkeys, Passion and the Resident – these are the three most famous brands of the company. They still continue to gain momentum in their popularity. Every day they become companions of many new fans excitement.

Now let’s talk about the most popular manufacturers who have earned reputation not only among the owners and staff of the casinos around the world, but also among the players.

The most prestigious and trusted gaming machines are considered the products by «Novomatic». This company is one of the most popular manufacturers of slot machines and slots for real casinos and arcades.

«Playtech» is one of the most “young”, but rapidly growing manufacturers of gaming software. During the first 2 years of its existence the company has launched more than a hundred bright, interesting and reliable slots that somehow immediately took a liking of gamers.

“Sriptologic” – the slots from this manufacturer differ with their originality in design. Sriptologic is one of the first to produce slot machines with a story line from famous cartoons and comics.

«Microgaming» is a producer who bribed casino owners and players with its ultra-wide range of subjects and a wide variety of design styles of slots.

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