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The Rocky Slot Game: What are its Features?

This game has a lot of cool features that are thought out to hook you and get you addicted to the game. One of these features are the reels that have boxing gloves as their pictures. If you manage to get a red glove on the last reel column and a white glove on the first reel column, you’ll trigger a bonus that is a mini-game in which Rocky Slot battles his rivals.

These rivals are Apollo, Ivan and more – and you’ll definitely recognize them from the movies, so we hope you saw them.

The bonus can get pretty high, so you’ll definitely be eager each time you see that white glove stopping in place on the first reel – you’ll cross your fingers for the red glove to pop up.

Another feature is one that we will discuss below, so keep on reading.

The Rocky Slot Scatter: Scatter them through the ring!

Another perk you’ll like is the Italian Stallion tile, which will repay your bet if you match 2 and grant you a doubled multiplier and free spins if you manage to accumulate more of them.

These free spins can reach amazing numbers, especially if you have the luck to get more Italian Stallion tiles when your Scatter is active!

The free spin is actually pretty generous, as you’ll win double or more of what the regular payouts are, thanks to the multiplier.

Reels with Fighting Spirit!

The reels are pretty good looking, and the artists have really outdone themselves to capture this iconic Hollywood title in the tiles of a slot machine.

The sound hits the spot as well, making the game a piece of art a lot of Rocky’s fans will surely enjoy gazing upon. Don’t quit, keep the reels rolling and don’t hit the mat!

Play Rocky Free: No need to punch yourself!

You can now enjoy Rocky Slot free so you won’t have to bet on a fight you may lose. Your hard earned cash is now safe thanks to the demo purse you are given access to – you’ll be able to play with play money, and get play money as profit so you can practice, admire the artwork, play the bonus or just get a feel of how the machine is supposed to roll.

Having this in mind, what can you lose?

start to play and win!
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