The UK Gambling Commission amends Regulatory rules

The UK Gambling Commission amends Regulatory rules

Europe has always been worried and controlled gambling market with the help of legislation and regulations. The UK Gambling Commission follows the example of Europe and cracks down to implement responsible gambling as a major task of all the operators. With taxes and licenses the Commission is stressing the fact that the entire gamble should be responsible.

The efforts of the system have been studied in 2014 and some weak sides were defined that the gambling industry can improve. The emended version of Licensing Conditions and Codes of Practice was offered to the gambling operators to examine and correct it.

Officially the emended rules targeting “social responsibility” will be published in spring. The Chairperson of the UK Gambling Commission Philip Graph admitted that all the changes in Licensing Conditions and Codes of Practice were targeted to underline social responsibility and the measures to provide it. It was also underlined the necessity to combat anonymous cash gambling in all kinds of land-based casinos.

Philip Graph wanted to try a successful model used in Sweden. The Commission intends to enforce legal gambling providers to act transparently and provide 24/7 assistance to players. The measures were undertaken to prevent underage teen register and bet online. The well-prepared support team would help addictive players. All types of gambling adverts will be monitored.

The implied measure to make gambling safer for players will make operators open their wallets, but they will find some ways to make their players pay the bill.

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