The UK minister’s increasing concerns as to the betting ads

The UK minister’s increasing concerns as to the betting ads

The blurted letter written by Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the UK Parliament to Culture Secretary Sajid Javid is full of his solicitude connected with the increased amount of gambling adverts in the UK.

Danny Alexander pointed at the possible influence of their contents on children and held the national Gambling Commission to accomplish some measures to the problem of such adverts in the country.

“I am writing because I am not indifferent to the weight of betting operators’ adverts at the time of broadcasting interesting sports events that are admired by children,” he spoke in his letter.

“The real boom of gambling adverts made it completely impossible to watch any important sporting event without interruption.”

The Chief Secretary in the UK Parliament accused the prior Labour Government in the increment of online gaming adverts, as it raised restrictions on gambling providers in 2007 allowing them to promote igaming on TV before the watershed.

“I think that nobody really foresaw the growth of such adverts and that they would become an integral part of our life and how various mobile gadgets would make access to online gambling more obtainable. It’s impossible to make betting operators stop their promotional campaigns, but this should be done after 9 p.m., as families like to watch sports programs together with the children. Many viewers will agree that igaming adverts are not acceptable in this time,” Danny Alexander admitted.

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