Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 Slot

Plunge into the Scandinavian mythology with the new Thunderstruck 2 slot

The sound of thunder and Thor’s chariot rushed away bringing fear and terror. And the players have seen a miracle in the light of a lightning flash - the miracle became the new slot machine «Thunderstruck II». It became clear to everyone that until now the world has never known slot machines for money that would have been more colorful, more vivid and meaningful.

And all the players rejoiced, the reality around them faded because it was truly lovely. In «Thunderstruck II» free spins are the basis of the bonus games.

Thunderstruck II: The plot

Thunderstruck 2 slot game are powered by deities, each of them contributes something to the players’ entertainment. At the bottom of the Scandinavian gods’ hierarchy Microgaming put Valkyries. Virgin warriors will carry you on winged horses through the video slots’ spins at such a speed that it will take your breath away. Five-time hammer blows will herald the beginning of the upcoming cruise adventure, five times in a row the players will have the opportunity to observe the free spins with a five-fold multiplication and then the turn of the God Loki will come. What are the five hammer blows that players will hear during the game for real money? It is known that «Thunderstruck II» slot is a continuation of a fairly popular slot machine “Thunderstruck” that pleases its players with rare but very large winnings during the last seven years. This game was completely devoted to Thor - the greatest and most powerful Norse god of thunder and lightning.

Due to this popularity the manufacturers decided to give a second life to this wonderful story. In this online slot machine from Microgaming's Thor's hammer is a key symbol. The hammer’s blows allow the players to move from one round of the bonus game to another. Beating five times, the Hammer reports on a change of the government automatically, so the new ruler appears on the throne and there are four of them in this game.

Now Loki is on the throne and he has serious plans to enrich those who play “Thunderstruck II” online. He decided not only to increase the number of free spins (against ten spins of the Valkyries, he bestows the players with fifteen spins), but to introduce an additional Wild symbol, which has a significant impact on the quality and quantity of the winning combinations. However, remember that Loki is cunning and clever, he will not give up the divine superiority easily, for this reason it will be quite difficult to collect five or more hammers needed to move into a new era where Odin is on the throne.

The next milestone in the online gaming machine «Thunderstruck II»

And once the new God appears, it means the new system. This time you can count not only on the increase of the number of spins (the god Odin is generous, he gave the players twenty spins), but also on the ability to change the factor by which the winnings will be multiplied. The wisdom of Odin is boundless and only he knows the scheme which he will be guided by while releasing two ravens. Each of them will report on the completion of the wins from two to six times in the bonus game. And then again you will hear five hits of the hammer and Thor will appear in the arena.

The completion of the total number of free spins up to 25 fades in comparison with the proposed system of winnings’ multiplication which will be available to the players at the time of Thor’s government. Each of the successful spins will give the players the opportunity to reach five times the multiplication of the wins. And one more important element to accompany the bonus round during the reign of the god Thor – elimination of the symbols that participated in a winning combination. As a result, the players in the online slot machines appears much more likely to get a productive spin.

Thunderstruck 2 slot is now available to everyone in the online casino powered by Microgaming and these are not only the original prize-winning free spins, and gold payout table,and completely unpredictable wild storm that can take out of nowhere and surprise the players, and, of course, huge cash prizes.

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