UK agencies have troubles targeting the gambling industry

UK agencies have troubles targeting the gambling industry

The world of online gambling is quickly maturing, but UK agencies don’t understand how to focus it, says Mecca Bingo’s head marketing Harry Lang.

Hunter S. Thompson, a previous pharmacologist and gambler, once remarked that gambling teaches a lot of severe lessons, and one of them is how to have fun and at the same time to be smart. Agencies should also learn this lesson.

People have always looked for some strong emotions and gambling was eager to provide them without any medicine. Even King Henry VIII was among those who were fond of this pastime. Now online casinos, mobile applications and TV ads attract the attention of everyone.

In 2014 the Gambling Compliance Research Service (Gambling Compliance Research Service) calculated that in 2013 gambling gave the UK the revenue of £2.31 billion, which is by 12.2% higher than before. But the UK government imposed a new 15% tax ‘Point of Consumption’ (POC) in December 2014 hoping to receive additional £400 million in 2015.

GCRS has also estimated that in 2015 they will increase the profit by 10% to £2.83 billion and in 2016 by 13.6% to £3.22 billion.

Notwithstanding all the taxes, there is still money left in the gambling industry and operators want to spend it attracting customers. But the gambling market became rather competitive in 2015 and you can’t just rely on TV ads and banners. The required marketing strategy should satisfy the existing demands and we are ready to provide agencies with some tips in this direction.

  • The world of gambling is full of terms that you should now f and try to gamble with them. You can’t persuade others to do the thing that you haven’t done.
  • Try to satisfy the needs of the focused players.
  • Study your competitors and what are their attracting strategies.
  • Engage in an intrigue with your offer.
  • If something is unclear-ask!
  • The Gambling Commission’s ad rules page should be observed.
  • Be ready to return on investment.

The considered strategy will attract more clients, think about this!

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