Untamed Bengal Tiger

Untamed Bengal Tiger slot

Big cats and wild felines are always mysterious and beautiful to look at, and Untamed knows this all too well – that’s why they made a Bengal tiger themed slot machine, to grab that beauty and put it to use, as well as to increase awareness to the uniqueness of the Bengal Tiger.

If you loved the other Untamed titles, there’s no reason on why you shouldn’t love this one as well.

Prepare your coin purse and don’t forget to check the pay table – it Is time to profit!

What a Wild Scatter: The Untamed Bengal Tiger Slot Tiles

What do we mean as wild scatters? Well, you may be confused the first few times you match either scatters or wilds in the Untamed Bengal Tiger slot machine, but we’ll explain it here before hand.

First of all, you got to know there is a wild new feature on the scatter reel tiles, and that is the fact that once you collect these free spins and start spinning, you’ll be able to keep wilds glued on the play area to help you complete winning plays.

The fact is that when you get wild symbols in the play area during the free spins, you’ll get them to stick there until the end of this free spinning frenzy, even if you don’t match them and you only get them in an isolated way.

This is a feature that you can see in other Untamed slot machines and a signature move that will allow you to increase your profitability when on the slot.

Of course, these wild tiles are the Bengal Tiger tiles, but there is another tiger to be looked at – it depicts the scatter tile itself.

The Untamed Bengal Tiger Slot gives you a little push!

We’re talking about some active help here, as the Untamed Bengal Tiger slot machine is an adept in lending its players a little helping hand by giving them a nudge every once or twice.

You see, this original slot machine has a creative way to help you out when you most need it, and the way it does so is by triggering the Lucky Nudge perk when you most need it. The slot detects that the reel tile you need to complete a combination is 1 tile away, either up or down, and then it nudges into place so you can profit.

Down with the days in which you would look frustrated to the reels and see the tile you needed right there staring at you from a position only one space away, with this nudge those days are gone and you are going to increase your payout frequency.

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