William Hill chooses virtual reality Google Cardboard

William Hill chooses virtual reality Google Cardboard

‘Get in the Race’ is a revolutionary product by William Hill and Unit9 allowing users to experience a live horseracing in a 3D virtual reality.

The bookmaker from the UK William Hill has developed a virtual reality-based for smartphones Google Cardboard project ‘Get in the Race’. Its new product is going to revolutionize the bookmaker on the sports betting market and to expand further its own customer base.

In collaboration with the production studio Unit9, the bookmaker collects GPS data during the race to create a three-dimensional image of a virtual reality. Wearing special glasses, William Hill customers will be able to see the race through the eyes of horse racing jockey. At the moment, the bookmaker is testing a prototype system consisting of hardware and software systems. There are plans to attract customers to test it, and if the system will be a success, the firm promises to create these virtual reality for other sports. The process of placing bets will be realized through the heads-up display technology that reacts to the user’s eye movements.

Crispin Nieboer, William Hills’ Director of Corporate Development and Innovation, told The Drum : “This system is a part of our plan, which we call “feeling of the race.” The majority of operators in the betting shop business do not do anything for their clients, simply taking bets and that is all. We try to bring something interesting and innovative in a “dry” process of sports betting.”

Google Cardboard VR, which in the UK costs 8 pounds, was selected as the better device for the prototype of the new product. The bookmaker and its competitor on the Facebook brand, Oculus Rift, was supposed to be too expensive and therefore, it was decided to withdraw from its use, as William Hill hopes that ultimately this product will be released to the mass audience.

In future, William Hill aims to provide its product with more advanced settings that will involve the use of traditional VR headset. There are even intentions to develop special devices that will bring the real feelings of the rider participating in the race.

William Hill Company presented a prototype of its new creation on Digital Shoreditch festival on Monday and the festival will work until 24 May.

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