Attila Slot

History buffs will surely know about the great exploits of Attila, a conqueror and general who had a lot of guts and did his fair share of pillaging some centuries ago. However, his slot machine will enable you to pillage your share as well, but without the risks and barbarism of war – which are certainly great to avoid.

Throughout this text we will explain how the slot works and how its bonuses balance the machine between a classic slot and a modern game.

Attila Slot Game: Attila is Rampaging Wild!

If you play the Attila slot machine or if you previously tried this title, you know the wild reel tile is pretty powerful as it is able to replace all except the scatter reel tile to award you with higher chances of netting a payout.

This also brings you a lot of money if you manage to match them all on a single spin – it is the way you can bank more coins in a single play, so you can start clapping and crossing your fingers if you ever align four reels and the fifth is still spinning!

As far as the scatter tiles are concerned, they surely pack a punch as well since they throw some free-spins into the mix that you can re-trigger for how many times as luck allows you to, prolonging your free play and raising your profit potential to the roof.

To end it up on a golden note, make sure you realize that during these free-spins you’ll get a lot more money out of combinations, as they’ll give you a x3 multiplier to play with during the scatter triggered function.

For any doubt you may have, refer to the in game pay table as it is pretty intuitive and tells you all about everything you need to know, including basic payouts and multipliers, as well as the function of the special reel tiles.

Attila Slot Game: Raw and Barbaric Theme

If you’re a fan of the Huns, you’re going to love the epic barbaric-theme the Attila Slot machine title presents you, with sounds, images and backgrounds that fit the theme perfectly, setting the perfect ambiance!

You have some weapons, armies waging war, Attila himself and the poker symbols with a calligraphy that fits them into the theme.

You’ll also have a great sense of immersion when playing it because of the sounds and the artwork of the tiles and the background, which was really well thought, though becoming a bit outdated recently as new titles come out.

Regardless, this is a great slot that everyone should try.

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