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If you have experience of playing casino, then you are likely to have knowledge on video slot online. However, the traditionally styled slot machine is not same as that of the free video slots online. You perhaps played with free video slots for fun; however, to become a professional and successful player, you should know about the different features that any slot machine has.

Slots that include Cascading Wilds

In the case of these sorts of slots, some symbols may fade away after your reels cease to spin. Fresh symbols are going to flow or drop from the top portion to load all gaps. While they create some new combination along with the adjacent symbols, you will get bonus round or a multiplier. The most excellent means to consider cascading wilds for online video slots is just as some games, like Tetris. The symbols may vanish, creating space for different symbols in order to cover its place. It may generate snowball effect when all the winnings compound in case of a lucky person.

Stackable Wilds

Rather than making use of a single wild for every reel, it is better to apply stacked or stackable wilds, which will offer you a chance to get more than one wild on a specific reel. In fact, they get stacked or piled on top of one another. It indicates that you may be able to have success 2x to 3x. In addition to it, you may achieve stacked wild video slots on the multiple reels, making a mass of wilds, which will strike multiple pay lines.

Nudging wilds

They are often known as transferring wilds and have turned out to be a very popular trait, which is in modern free video slot machine. WMS is the provider of a machine, which has some casino games along with these wilds.

Random Wilds

It works almost in the same manner by altering symbols. However, the main difference may be found in the way of their appearance that is completely random, based on the structure and theme of a game.

Sticky Wilds

They seem to be more profitable one, and may generate some thrilling winning combos.


Nowadays, most of the digital slots are equipped with this autoplay feature; thus, you will not find any difficulty to get it. While you have turned it on, your machine may play through some spins constantly, revealing you the outcomes and moving to the subsequent spin. Basically, this is a completely mechanised way for playing free video slots. Generally, you may start only by pressing autoplay switch that is usually sited on the major screen.

To get profit from such feature, you will, at first, need to know how you should use it. Every video slot online machine will not provide you with same options; however, there are some common ones that you are likely to find in most of the cases.

At first, decide on the number of spins to be played automatically prior to starting anything. In fact, you should select all facets of spin directly- the amount for which you will play, the number of required pay lines and much more.

Overall, autoplay seems to be the best feature of any digital slot machine as it always adds value. When you like to utilise it, you may move ahead. Otherwise, try to ignore it.

Nudges and fruit machines

Fruit machine- It is a phrase often applied to indicate gambling machine available in arcades and pubs in the UK. However, it may also denote a definite kind of gambling device, which has a few exclusive features. Those games always employ one pay line and three reels. They use a number of small skill-related elements, which enable you in making decisions when you play.

Possibly, one of the most recognised traits of video slots online is nudges. The players are presented with more than one nudge in a random way after a few spins that may be utilised on any of the subsequent plays.

When nudge is accessible, you may utilise that at the tip of a spin in order to move down a reel to generate winning combination. In almost all the cases, the machines may allow you to find what you will be transferring into payline, in order that you may apply the skill effectively.

Thus, whenever, you possess 2 out of 3 symbols, you should get a huge prize. And you may achieve a success while you may move out of 3rd symbol. Such situations are not accessible to you all the time; however, if you have so, the presence of additional nudge may bring about a large win.

Ways Win

These video slots generally promoted as 3125 or 1024 ways for you to win. Rather than utilising pay lines, wherein you are restricted to 20 or 100 pay lines, all the combinations can be made on a particular basis, no matter where a definite symbol exists on your reel. Thus, on a foremost reel of video slots, you may get a sign on the top, which will merge symbol on subsequent reel’s base. It never matters whether it is in line with conventional pay line.


Often, people speak of volatility level of video slots or the way of their work. In fact, the games with high volatility expend less; however, while they pay out, they are likely to be huge wins. On the other hand, the slots with lower volatility are quite slow burners. They pay off piles of small sized wins and also big win occasionally. Usually, these low volatility ones will provide you with more money. They are suitable for the gamers, who’ve small bankrolls.


Conventional slot machines included bars and fruits as their symbols; however, these the themes have turned out to be a prominent feature of games on slot machines. Often, the themes are designed on the basis of a certification of common entertainment companies, such as Elvis. Some other slot machines comprise themes, depending on a particular phase in the past, while the symbols stand for that period of time. For instance, a theme-related game of the 60s might have images of some tinted t-shirts as its symbols.

They are only some features, which are possessed by the present games on video slots free. A game may incorporate more than one facet of these elements, or it may have just any of them. Slot machines are still being innovated by manufacturers, and fresh traits are usually released on gaming programs.

Thus, in free video slot machine, you may find some special features, which have to be recognised to play the games in the most effective way.

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