Online casino and an opportunity to gamble sitting at home today is not a novelty. Nevertheless every day new players get lost in variety of questions on casino issues. Little know, afraid to ask or simply don’t know where to read. There are lots of FAQ on the online casino, but still a number of questions through which each player passes remains.

What is needed to start playing online casino?

Of course – money, computer with access to the internet, as well as a payment instrument (either bank card or account in some electronic payment system).

Where are the casinos?

For casino it’s easier to conduct registration in offshore areas where taxes are usually lower. And here are the most popular areas: Caribbean, Gibraltar, Antigua, Grenada, Dominican Republic. But despite the place of its registration majority of online casinos are owned by large U.S. companies.

Is it necessary to pay taxes from the winnings? 

Ideally, of course, necessary. But in fact, nobody does that, if transfers money to a plastic card rather than uses bank transfer.

How to add money to your account? 

All casinos try to help players in this matter so to find the item on the sites is not difficult. As for ways of replenishments the most convenient today is PayPal, as well as – bank transfer and credit cards.


This question sounds particularly loud today, because a significant number of people from casual players after a while becomes totally dependent on casino games. Problem gambling is able to push people to rash acts, and even – crime.

 Can you trust online casinos?

Probity somehow pops up after a couple of games when a player starts to check seemed suspicious combination. Casinos offer players several options for checking honesty:

  • The results of an independent audit;
  • Stats and analysis;
  • Algorithms which ensure that the results of games or cards, fall out with the same sequence to the generated.

So you can safely say that online casinos offer 100% fair game.

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