Beetle Frenzy

Beetle Frenzy slot

Beetle Frenzy Slot: Soothing Game, Calm Environment

Nature lovers rejoice, Beetle Frenzy slot is here and it seems like it is staying. The player base is growing and the experience is having a great result - maybe because this slot game was carefully planned and assembled in order to provide you with a gratifying experience.

As soon as you jump into the game you’ll see Net Entertainment aimed to create a safe haven for nature and slot lovers alike. The play area and the background of Beetle Frenzy are carefully planned and even the colors are meant to give you a sense of peace you won’t experience many places else, especially on a bustling online casino or in the offline casino world.

Usually the slot machine games are focused on thrill, adrenaline and primal feelings, but Beetle Frenzy is a blanked covering you from that storm and cuddling you up in a fun and profitable way.

If this has left you curious, then proceed to the game itself and start playing – you’ll notice even the symbols faintly flashing are meant to hypnotize you into feeling a calm you hadn’t felt for long.

If you’re looking for a wind down experience: Try The Beetle Frenzy Slot Machine.

This slot machine has a lot of nature related tiles, like the beetle tile, the firefly reel, flowers and other bugs to illustrate the experience.

The sound is also non-intrusive and will keep you relaxed, the setting the game lays out for you. As far as the pay table and the gaming experience per se is concerned, this is a slot that follows the classic slot models and it has eight pay lines, and three reels operating independently, making it kind of a nine reeled slot.

There is also a bonus game that has four reels, so this game as an abundance of features that you should explore to your heart’s desire.

Try Beetle Frenzy Free: Explore the Many Combinations and Bonus Round

What is the best way to explore a slot machine? You got it right – simply by playing! Luckily for you and other explorers, you can play Beetle Frenzy slot for absolutely no cost at all, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy this amazing experience.

Get to know bugs via the Beetle Frenzy Free play feature

The game is so fun that we are pretty sure that once you start playing you won’t soon stop, giving enough time to familiarize with every single reel tile in the game – you’ll almost know the bugs on a personal basis and the slot will have no surprises for you, only opportunity!

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