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Blood Suckers Slot

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Vampirism and Sorcery Mixed:

Blood Suckers slot free play

If you are in a dark mood or just wishing you could gamble on a slot machine game during your night at home, then you should consider looking at the Blood Suckers slot machine game, a game that pictures everything on the dark vampire-related lore in order to provide you with endless hours of fun.

Now you can play Blood Suckers slot free, and throughout this article we will focus on the above slot machine game, informing you about its features and high points.

If you like the gothic vampirism-related lore, then you’re going to love this game as it captures the essence of the dark vampire lords – if you’re hoping to see glamorous model vampires like on the twilight saga, look away – you’ll only find real Dracula style bats here, bloodthirsty and garlic fearing!

The game depicts stakes, crossbows, garlic, vampires, victims screaming for their lives and it even contains a mini-game where you’ll stake your own victims – so you won’t get bored to death yourself!

Creepy Sound Effects and Graphics:

Immersion is also a factor, you don’t want to sit quietly in your bedroom, all in the dark, and turn a slot that doesn’t give you a proper sense of immersion.

Fear not, as the Blood Suckers slot game delivers creepy sound effects, some gory notes, and environmental darkening jingles to darken up your surroundings.

The graphics are also pretty well worked on, they are polished in order to give the game an ancient, magical, mythical and creepy look you attribute to the night walkers – complete with blood, holy water, fang, scared victims, screams, and everything you can dream of.

Interesting Bonus Game:

The bonus game is a pretty enjoyable treat since it will let you explore coffins in order to stake night wanderers as they are sleeping.

Clicking a coffin will open it and if it is empty, you’re done for – however if a vampire is lying inside, stake him for a great cash bonus.

The blood effects and the screams are pretty gratifying, and you’ll be happy you got those bonus reels – so be sure to keep spinning in order to get them, with luck you can even get a screaming “Scatter”.

If you want to play Blood Suckers slot free, then now you know it is possible – the game is available and you won’t have to spend a penny to get into the excitement. Feel free to try and play at your leisure.

Play for real money

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  1. Frank Couper

    Playing Blood Suckers slot brings me joy, adrenaline, and of course a small income. Money is withdrawn simply and quickly. I play for real money. I am confident in the integrity of the machine, so put high bets. It is interesting and different from all others. Its design is well.

    May 25, 2015


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