Cool Buck

Cool Buck Slot

We’re reviewing a slot that is all about “bucks”. We love cash and this machine just knows it, so it provides a big jackpot, great payout rates and some insane hours of fun.

Read the review below to see what really shines here and what are this slot’s advantages when comparing it to the competition – you’ll be glad you took our advice and hints.

Watch the Cool Buck Slot with its High Jackpot!

One of the best things you can point out about the Cool Buck slot machine is the fact that it sports a huge jackpot – a jackpot that is well above the average of the same stakes slot machine competitors of this title, and that’s mostly what drives all of the traffic and player base towards this machine.

Indeed, looking at the pay table will make you find out what makes this title so popular when some of its features lack the same complexity, uniqueness or creativity you can find in A+ slot games.

When it comes to the end of it, most people value money and the profitability potential of their machines, and this one is a slot that can deliver just that – good return rates.

Be sure to check the pay table once you’re in and try to compare it with other slots with the same stakes just for scientific purposes – to determine whether we’re lying or not, you’ll see most of the time you’ll be amazed at the cool jackpot in this title.

Now, the graphics are not bad, and the game also packs a nice level of detail making you feel hooked as you play, but there are some things that are not that shining, like the sound.

The Classic Beauty of the Cool Buck Slot

The way this slot looks like is really cool, but the same cannot be said about the sound and the innovation index of the Cool Buck slot.

As we said, the sound is pretty much one of the low points of this title since it can be quite annoying at times or if you play for a prolonged amount of time – if this ever happens to you, be sure to hit the mute button in order to play without the sound constantly nagging your head.

On the other hand, the other negative aspect we can point out – and it’s not negative but the absence of positive – is the way the slot plays. It doesn’t perform anything utterly unique and it lacks advanced features, making it quite a simple slot that is easy to master, pretty classic in the way it plays.

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